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You must be thinking to start a website like or or like other of it’s country based websites, guess what we have already built a website inspired from flightnetwork.

All the websites whether it’s or have the same software running behind the curtains.

Client Project: [ Built using .NET, Angular, SQL Server, AWS ]

About Flightnetwork:

Flight Network is a part of Etraveli Group, the largest technology company selling flights in Europe. They operate in 75 countries worldwide and serve over 30 million travelers annually.

Our Expertise

We have technical expertise in travel industry and deep insights about this business. We will build outcome focused website for you from scratch using latest technologies like .NET, Angular, SQL Server, AWS, etc. Later on, you can also list your deals in aggregators like skyscanner and make good money.

Note: Skyscanner demands OTA websites to be built on .NET, Angular only to get listed on their website.

What will we provide?

Highly researched .com or domain + Travel Website built from scratch using latest technologies + Maintenance & Support + Business KT + Marketing Strategy to scale the business 10X

What is our end goal?

We really want to build a website for you that can help you build a big business quickly. We can understand you might be having less knowledge about the travel industry but want to start the business. We fill the knowledge void by adding product manager, business analyst and team of experts to your projects to help you get started and grow the business rapidly.

Kindly book a call or chat with our experts or fill your requirement in the “Get Quote” form.

Custom Website Development Info:


Tech Stack

Tech Stack Backend Frontend Database Pros Cons Notable Websites
LAMP Stack PHP HTML, CSS, JS MySQL Cost-effective, Wide community support, Flexibility in language Performance under heavy loads, Scaling challenges Wikipedia, WordPress
.NET Stack [Recommended] C#, ASP.NET HTML, CSS, JS, Angular SQL Server Versatile, Strong integration with Microsoft tech, Enterprise-friendly Limited cross-platform capabilities Stack Overflow, Dell
MEAN Stack Node.js Angular MongoDB End-to-end JavaScript, Real-time capabilities, Scalability Steep learning curve, Compatibility issues LinkedIn, PayPal
MERN Stack Node.js React MongoDB Single language (JavaScript) for both client and server-side, Robust and scalable Complexity in managing multiple technologies, Requires expertise in JavaScript Facebook, Instagram
Django Python HTML, CSS, JS PostgreSQL Clean and pragmatic design, Great for database-driven sites, Security Relatively less flexible, Smaller community Instagram, Pinterest
Ruby on Rails Ruby HTML, CSS, JS PostgreSQL Rapid development, Strong ecosystem, MVP-friendly Performance concerns, Limited flexibility GitHub, Airbnb
MEVN Stack Node.js Vue.js MongoDB Full-stack JavaScript development, Simplified front-end development Smaller community, Fewer resources compared to React Xiaomi, Grammarly
JAMstack Various Various Various Highly performant and secure, Simplified scaling and reduced infrastructure overhead Additional services required for dynamic content, Limited for complex applications Netflix, Airbnb
Flask Stack Python HTML, CSS, JS SQLite, PostgreSQL Lightweight and flexible, Python’s extensive libraries, Simplicity Might lack features present in comprehensive frameworks, Not suitable for large-scale apps Pinterest, Reddit
NestJS Stack TypeScript Various Various Utilizes TypeScript for scalable applications, Modular architecture, Built-in support for design patterns Relatively newer with less community support, Learning curve for TypeScript BeIN Sports, Sainsbury's
Ionic Stack Various Ionic Framework, Cordova or Capacitor Various Cross-platform mobile app development, Access to native device features Performance might not match fully native apps, Limitations in accessing certain features MarketWatch, JustWatch

Payment Terms

The Client agrees to pay Sitefy in the following installments:
An initial payment of 25% of the total cost to start this development project[Proceed by clicking on “Add to Cart” or "Book a Call" before starting the project]
3 milestones with a payment of 25% of the total amount per milestone.
1st payment: To start the project ["Add to Cart"]
2nd payment: Post Product and design phase
3rd payment: Post 50% development completion
4th payment: Post development completion

Sample Contract

Actual Contract with one of our client. We will make a similar contract with you.

Team Members

Your Dedicated Team

We will assign a team of product manager, designer, development, business expert, marketing specialist to build your website. All of these professionals will be available to you throughout your journey.

Business Analyst

Project/Product Manager

UX / UI Designer

System Architect

Full Stack Developers

Marketing Specialist​

Communication and Tracking


Point of Contact - Project Manager

A dedicated Project Manager from Sitefy will be your primary liaison, ensuring smooth communication, addressing queries, and overseeing the implementation of our Nidhi software for your company. They'll be your go-to person throughout the project, ensuring clarity and efficient progress.

24*7 Support Team Access

Our round-the-clock support team remains accessible to address any queries or technical issues you may encounter post-implementation. Whether it's troubleshooting or guidance, our support team ensures uninterrupted assistance whenever you need it.

Project Dashboard Access

Gain transparent insights and real-time updates on the project's progress through our Project Dashboard. This accessible platform provides visibility into milestones, tasks completed, and upcoming steps, ensuring you're always informed about the project's status.

Quick and Easy Communication

At Sitefy, we prioritize efficient communication. We ensure streamlined and hassle-free communication channels to foster quick responses and address any concerns promptly. Whether it's email, calls, or instant messaging, we aim for smooth and swift interactions.

Why Sitefy

We understand the fact that you are not an experienced entrepreneur and would require assistance from our side to get a big head-start. That is the reason, we assign experts like product manager and business analyst to help you out by filling in the knowledge void that you might be missing –

5 years of delivering high-end custom website development

Top 1% full-stack developers work for us

We build websites that are built to scale quickly

About Sitefy

Sitefy is an IT platform where we provide high quality saas products & services with the help of the top 1% experts worldwide.​

Top 1% Experts

We have a pool of top 1% experts who will work for you and deliver excellent work.


Experts are hand-picked, reviewed and well-vetted as per their past work experience.

High Quality Work

We have our set of parameters to make sure that you receive high quality work.

How it works?


Post payment, client is reached out via email to collect details within 24 hours. Instant chat / regular meetings will be available with the assigned team.

Work in Progress

The assigned team start working on your order and complete it before the date of delivery.

Accept the order

The team delivers the work. You accept the delivery or ask for revisions. We deploy top 1% experts in our dedicated teams.


The order is closed. You can give feedback to the Sitefy team that will help us to improve our service further.


4 phases of development:
Product Management
UX / Ul Design
Development and Launch
Marketing Strategy

Delivery: 2-3 months
Total Cost: 2999$+ [Depends on your requirement]

Tech Stack: The technical stack will include .NET for backend development, SQL Server for data storage, and Angular for frontend development. The project encompasses front-end and back-end development, integration, and comprehensive testing.

Payment Terms:
The Client agrees to pay Sitefy in the following installments:
An initial payment of 499$ is paid to start this development project [Proceed by clicking on “Add to Cart”]
1st payment : To start the project [Add to Cart] – 499$
2nd payment : Post Product and design phase – To be discussed
3rd payment : 2 weeks before development completion – To be discussed