How Sitefy Works?

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Readymade Websites

Sitefy is an online platform where buyers can buy readymade websites. Each Website comes with premium .com domain, 1 year fast hosting, readymade website, product/marketing strategy and strategy execution.

IT Services & Business Solutions

We develop and design Websites, Apps, Software to support companies and businesses on the mission to convert their idea into reality and digitize their infrastructure. We also provide IT maintenance services.

Staffing Developers

Companies can hire top 1% developers remotely with Sitefy. Hire highly skilled developers at 70% lower expense and reduce hiring efforts by 90%. We assign highly-vetted developers from developing countries with excellent communication skills.

Readymade Websites

The Whole Process

Website Development


You buy readymade website on our platform. Our team will contact you and offer a list of premium domains to choose from. After selection, our team registers that domain, connects the hosting, and starts the website development process. Your website will be ready within 24 hours of purchase.

Product & Marketing Strategy


We will guide you to setup your social media accounts in a way to get an edge over competitors and grow revenue. Our product and marketing team will get in touch with you to develop the best marketing strategy to grow your business into a big brand. We mainly focus on growing revenue and building a long-lasting brand.

Strategy Execution


We will setup an actionable workflow according to the strategy formulated for your website. Following the workflow, you will gradually see the revenue grow at a rapid pace. Our core aim is to make a big brand for our clients. Our client is god for us. We will do anything to provide the best value to our clients like you.