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What is Sitefy?


Sitefy provides complete digital solution for your small and mid sized business. From bringing your business online to marketing your business in your place and increase your sales and customers, Sitefy handles it all.

Its Time to tap into the digital revolution and change the way you do business forever


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How it works?

The Whole Process

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Our team will contact you and tell you about the whole process. How your business will come online? How the sales will increase? The marketing strategy which will be conducted by us. Everything.

Your business comes online


After the purchase of our package, your business comes online. Local customers visit your online store searching for products or services which are offered by you and eventually your business awareness increases in your place.

Skyrocket your income


As your business is online, you will see untapped customers contacting you for your products or services, visiting your shop in person, thus skyrocketing your income.


✔ Premium Designed Website

A premium designed website made specifically for your business to mark your online presence and enhance local discovery by people online which in turn increase your sales.

✔ Premium Domain

A premium .com or .in website domain is included with every package. We use different criteria to choose the best domain possible for your business. We will confirm the name with you before registering it.

✔ Easy to Use

It's very easy to use. You can easily post products, articles, videos from mobile using app. We will guide you completely on how to use it. Also, 1 year long support will be provided.

✔ Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated support and business advice from account manager assigned to you.

✔ Connect to Social Media Channels​

You can easily connect your social media channels with the website for more authenticity and credibility in the mind of customers. The more relevant you keep your business, the more it will grow positively.

✔ Online Payment System​

We will help you setup online payment gateway to receive direct payments. Or, you can activate a feature in which customer can first enquire about the product or service availabilty and then proceed with the payment.

✔ Live Chat Facility

Customer can live chat using a chat bot which will be installed in your website. You can directly chat with them from an app in your mobile or you can add your whatsapp number or email id to directly receive enquiries.

✔ Digital Marketing​

We will offer long term marketing strategy, contents related to your niche to post in your website and your social media channels. Later on, the more you post, the more google will find your business relevant, the more your website will rank in google which in turn will increase your sales and local discovery by potential customers.

✔ Local Discovery​

There is something called SEO. We will optimise your business website with onpage and offpage SEO keeping your location in mind to increase local discovery by potential customers.

✔ Email / Number Subscribers​

You can collect email, numbers, queries of subscribers and later on call, email or sms them as per your convenience.

✔ Traffic(views) Analysis​

You can access complete insights of your website from app on your mobile or use pc. You can easily keep an eye on daily/monthly unique visitors and page visits. See which product or content are doing well and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

✔ No technical knowledge needed​

You don't need any technical knowledge to run the website which increases your sales and awareness of your business in your place. You can manage it from your mobile without any technical knowledge. And, still if you find something problematic, you can contact your account manager and get your queries solved instantly.

✔ Share products / Content Easily​

You can easily post your products with title, pictures, description, price right from your mobile using an app or you can use your pic to do the same. You can also post contents like articles, information related to your products, videos, updates, etc.

✔ SEO optimised for local discovery​

Your website will be optimised to be discovered locally and enhance awareness among local potential customers which will eventually increase your sales.

✔ Customers can directly Call / Whatsapp You​

Customers can directly call you or whatsapp you with a simple click on your website which in turn increase conversion rates.

Bring your Business Online & Skyrocket your income

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"Thankyou for bringing my business online. My Biryani shop is seeing a lot of unique customers everyday. Our shop is also getting foreign customers frequently. Thanks a lot"

Rafi Mohammad

"I will be honest. I never knew what to expect. But, after a month of getting my business online, sales have increased suddenly, i don't know how its happening but i'm really thankful."

Dukhra Maji

"I have a parlour. We are getting bookings on call non stop after our website went live. Thankyou Sitefy for bringing my business online and promoting it with such a perfection."

Anjali Jain

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