Business Bundle

Kick-Start / Grow Business



Business Bundle

Kick-Start / Grow a Business


Startbusiness | Growbusiness

Readymade Website

With free domain and 1 year hosting

Problem Identification

True problem of customer

Target Market

Market Segmentation & User Persona's

Demand Assessment

Problem Validation - market size Competitor Analysis

Finance Part

Revenue, Profit, Margin

Business Plan

Crafting of crucial business plan

Product Market Fit

Deep analysis on achieving
product-market fit

Marketing Strategy

Formulating best marketing strategy
to achieve hypergrowth

Success Metrics

Defining Metrics

Hiring Workers

Right Strategy and workflow
to hire workers

Execution & Automation

Automating the workflows
and making execution faster

Feedback loop

Easy surveys, quick interviews
to generate valuable feedbacks

Improvement Iteration

Developing change flow to
make changes as per feedback

Start a business with no idea

Start a business with your existing idea

Grow an existing business


People reached


Rated on web


Businesses Served

Get personalized business expert and everything you need to:
→ Kick-start your business with/without business idea
→ Grow an existing business

Business Bundle

Get personalized business expert and everything you need to:
→ Kick-start your business with/without business idea
→ Grow an existing business

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Benefits of Sitefy Business Bundle

Get the business bundle. Start / Grow your business. Achieve your financial goals.​


Top 1% business experts

Top 1% product managers, business analysts, developers, business expert will work for your dream and make it a reality.

A to Z setup of your business

Complete setup of your business from finding perfect name for your business, building website, setting up operations, strategizing for organic reach, etc

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team is available for your assistance all 7 days via live chat. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any confusion - be it related to the purchase or any assistance, our team of experts is at your service every day.

Buy Business Bundle Features - Start/Grow your business*

How Sitefy Works?


Buy the business Bundle​

You decide and buy the business bundle on our platform. Now, you just need to relax as our team will contact you and start the business process. We treat you as a complete newbie and empathize with your idea with growth mindset.

We assign a business team to you

After the purchase of business bundle, Sitefy business team will be assigned to you. This will be a dedicated team who will work exclusively for you. Your team will consist of top developers, business experts, product manager, ux designer, business analyst, etc.

The business team will communicate and build up everything with you

Your team will contact you and start the business process.T If you have any questions, kindly live chat with us.



"Thankyou for bringing my business online and helping me to scale it. My Biryani shop is seeing a lot of unique customers everyday. Our shop is also getting foreign customers frequently. Thanks a lot"

Rafi Mohammad

"I will be honest. I never knew what to expect. But, after a month of getting the business bundle, sales have increased suddenly, I don't know how it's happening but I'm really thankful."

Dukhra Maji

"I have started a parlour. We are getting bookings on call non stop after our website went live. Thankyou Sitefy for bringing my business online and promoting it with such a perfection."

Anjali Jain