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Automated Employment affiliate marketing website – $180/day Potential

What is included?

Domain Valued: $1000+ | Professionally Designed Website | Premium Hosting | SEO Friendly | Auto-Blog | Premium Keyword Research Tool Access | Marketing Strategy and Guidance to grow the website 10X

Market Overview:

Recruitment And Staffing Market size was valued at USD 474.61 Billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 553.91 Billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 1.95% from 2024 to 2031.

Reasons to get this website:

Helping Others: Helping people can find job opportunities and career resources can make a meaningful difference in their lives.
Diverse Audience: Job seekers come from various backgrounds and industries, offering a wide audience base for your website.
Monetization Potential: Employment affiliate websites earn revenue through various channels, including job board postings, resume services, career coaching, and more.
Flexible Niche Opportunities: Specialize in specific niches within the job market, such as remote work, freelancing, tech jobs, healthcare careers, and more, catering to specific audiences and their needs.
Community Building: A website can significantly aid in community building by providing platforms such as forums, discussion boards, or social media groups tailored to employment-related topics. These avenues cultivate a sense of belonging among job seekers, fostering engagement and interaction within the website’s community.
Scalability: As your website grows, you can expand your offerings to include additional services, such as job placement assistance, online courses, or networking events, increasing revenue potential and value for users.
Positive Impact: Helping individuals find meaningful employment opportunities can have a positive impact on their lives, contributing to their financial stability, personal growth, and overall well-being.

This Site is designed for easy navigation to encourage maximum affiliate clicks and increase your income.

Note: This website is built using WordPress CMS so you will find the admin dashboard extremely user friendly and a lot of free add-ons to scale the website quickly.



SuperFast Premium Website

Premium Domain

Easy to Use


Gain Subscribers

No Tech Knowledge Needed

Digital Marketing

Views (Analytics)

SEO Optimised

Sync with Social Media Channels

Dedicated Support by our team

Hosting Provided by Us



Yes you will get highly valuable .com domain(worth 1000$+) free and also we will provide  1 year free hosting after purchase.

However, if you want to connect your custom domain then the personal manager assigned to you will be more than happy to connect the website with your domain at free of cost.

  • Sure! You can make the store performance even higher and grow the number of orders if you focus on new promotion strategies. Properly set advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google can definitely increase the number of your store visitors and sales. You can also use free traffic sources such as continuous SEO optimization, regular blog articles (including reviews on your best selling items), social media marketing and etc. Adding more products to the website and publishing frequent posts on social media could also help a lot.
  • It will take just one business day. After you place your order you’ll instantly get a document with all the access details. And then your personal manager will help you transfer the domain name, hosting accounts, etc.
  • All management activities for this store’s operation are automated at maximum, so you’ll need to dedicate just a few minutes a day to your store promotion or order procession.
  • No, all software will be included in your purchase and you don’t have to pay anything in the future. This store is fully independent and will be in your 100% ownership, so there are no plans, subscriptions, commissions or any other fees. We will provide 1 year free hosting. After, that the only cost will be of hosting that is approx 2 $/month.
  • No, you don’t. All the store elements (including promotional campaigns) have already been set up by experienced developers and digital marketers. You can run your business even with zero experience. You will get all the necessary instructions and also a personal manager who will take care of everything.

Of course! You will have a one-month free training by your personal manager + yearlong technical support.

Click the “Contact Us” button and our support team will give you all the necessary details.

Original price was: $4,999.00.Current price is: $99.00.

1 Day Delivery

What you will get?

Your Personal Team

We will assign a team of product manager, designer, development, business expert, marketing specialist to build your website. All of these professionals will be available to you throughout your journey.


Product Manager

Product Designer


Marketing Specialist

Business Expert

Business Mentor

Bonuses Includes :

Premium Website

Business Plan


Growth Strategy

Market Research

StartUp Bundle Course

Bonuses Includes :

Premium Website

Business Plan


Growth Strategy

Market Research

StartUp Bundle Course


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